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My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3

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Lauren McKnight
Skye Rotter
Jillian Rose Reed
Kirsten Prout

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The Reading

3 hr 0 mins
Recently widowed Emma Leeden (Mo'Nique) details the loss of her family to a gruesome break-in in her new book "Invasion". To generate press, Emma agrees to a staged reading by 19 year-old Sky Brown in Emma's now fortified home. There's only one problem, Sky's spiritual connection is real. Evil emerges in a house they can't get out of.
2023 Horror, Suspense, Other

28 Days Later

1 hr 58 mins
Chilling and suspenseful apocalyptic thriller about resourceful Londoners trying to survive a deadly viral outbreak and the flesh-eating zombies it creates.
73   Metascore
2002 R Drama, Horror, Suspense, Science Fiction

Infinity Pool

1 hr 57 mins
Infinity Pool, directed by Brandon Cronenberg, tells the dark tale of James and Em Foster, whose all-inclusive dream vacation turns into horror. The island of La Tolqa is perfect until a fatal accident when the car James is driving collides with a resident and kills him. This is when the Fosters discover that all crimes on the island are punishable by death. However, La Tolqa also has a way out: a clone can be created to be killed in the condemned's place. This process throws the Fosters into the dark, hedonistic world of La Tolqa that no outsider ever sees.
72   Metascore
2023 R Horror, Other, Science Fiction

The Devil Conspiracy

1 hr 51 mins
For generations, the Shroud of Turin has existed as a relic of unknown possibility. When a cult steals the Shroud for nefarious purposes, the unlikely duo of the humble Father Marconi and museum curator Laura must race against time to thwart the cult and their sinister schemes.
37   Metascore
2022 R Horror, Suspense

Knock at the Cabin

1 hr 50 mins
Eric (Ben Aldridge) and Andrew (Jonathan Groff) embark on a relaxing family holiday in the wilderness with their young daughter, Wen (Kristen Cui). Yet their idyllic vision soon sours into a nightmare when the leader of an enigmatic extremist group, Leonard (Dave Bautista), takes the family hostage, claiming that the choices Eric and Andrew make can either avert or herald the coming apocalypse. Faced with an unthinkable choice, the couple struggles to survive and protect their daughter at all costs. M. Night Shyamalan co-writes and directs the thriller. Co-starring Rupert Grint.
63   Metascore
2023 R Horror, Suspense, Other

The Visit

1 hr 34 mins
Two siblings uncover a harrowing secret about their grandparents while spending a week at their remote Pennsylvania farm.
55   Metascore
2015 PG13 Horror, Comedy, Suspense

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