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Multiplicity Reviews

If you hunger for four times the recommended daily allowance of Michael Keaton, this one's for you. At best, MULTIPLICITY plays like an inferior variation on GROUNDHOG DAY -- which, like this film, was directed by Second City alum Harold Ramis. There aren't enough hours in the day for Doug Kinney (Keaton) to do it all: Excel at work, spend quality time with his lovely wife (Andie MacDowell) and children, and spare the occasional moment for himself. So when a genial mad doctor (Harris Yulin) points out the time-management advantages of getting cloned, Doug goes for it. Repeatedly. Despite the obvious potential for comic disaster, the results are only intermittently amusing. Keaton's Kinney is such a selfish, lemon-lipped wet blanket, you can't help wishing he'd been diminished a little with each cloning, until there was nothing left of him at all. The radiantly vacant MacDowell actually gets the biggest laughs when she unwittingly seduces all three clones, one after the other, while her moping husband is off sailing in Catalina.