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Lure of the Wilderness Reviews

At the turn of the century Brennan is falsely accused of murder. He takes his daughter, Peters, and together they hide out in the depths of a swamp for eight years. One day Hunter loses his dog and goes searching in the area, finding the outcasts. They hold him captive, but after he promises to help them get a fair trial, they let him go. Hunter sells the pelts Brennan has accumulated to raise money for an attorney. The real killers find out the plan and go after Brennan. One of them is killed, forcing the other to confess. Brennan returns to society and Peters marries Hunter. A remake of the 1941 film SWAMP WATER, this movie was not quite as moody as the original. The color photography fails to create the ambience the black-and-white lensing achieved, though it does make the film seem more realistic. Essentially a straightforward story, with some suspenseful moments. Production values and acting are standard efforts.