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Look Who's Talking Now Reviews

LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW, the third installment in the LOOK WHO'S TALKING series, exchanges "talking" babies for "talking" dogs. While formulaic and predictable, the parallel human and animal plots offer enough dream sequences, guest star appearances, musical interludes and holiday spirit to keep both children and adults moderately entertained. Molly Ubriacco (Kirstie Alley) loses her white-collar job just as husband James (John Travolta)is hired as a private pilot by Samantha (Lysette Anthony), a wealthy and seductive corporate president. As Christmas approaches, Molly is forced to work as a department store elf, while James escorts Samantha on a variety of business trips. To compensate for his prolonged absences, James buys the kids "Rocks," a scruffy but lovable mutt (voiced by Danny DeVito) with discipline problems; meanwhile, Samantha dumps her pedigreed poodle, Daphne (voice of Diane Keaton), on the Ubriacco household. The two dogs meet cute and immediately dislike each other. Eventually, however, Daphne overcomes her class prejudices and helps the errant Rocks learn some manners so Molly won't kick him out. What made Amy Heckerling's wildly popular LOOK WHO'S TALKING (1989) fairly original was not only its talking baby gimmick (the voice of Bruce Willis supplied baby Mikey with adult thoughts), but also its exploration of working-class single motherhood issues. Much of the film's narrative, for example, detailed Molly's dilemma in finding a father for the child she had conceived with a married man (George Segal). LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW is far less adventurous, aping previous talking animal stories (such as "Mr. Ed"), while downplaying the development of Molly's character. Still, it's often a pleasant diversion, and much more entertaining than LOOK WHO'S TALKING 2, which over-extended the talking baby tricks.