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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains Reviews

Diane Lane (playing this role when she was just 15) heads the Fabulous Stains, an all-female, no-talent punk band. Touring with a group named the Looters, the Stains reach phenomenal heights of hype before they even cut a single, becoming the target of the unscrupulous David Clennon, who, as the band's agent, turns the act into a merchandiser's dream. The film is interesting in its portrayal of rock 'n' roll on the road, though it's unsuccessful as a whole. Adding a genuine feel to the music are Paul Cook and Steve Jones (as members of the Looters)--who should know a thing about rock exploitation, being former members of the ultimate punk band, the Sex Pistols, who broke up under the pressure of fame. Paul Simonon (bass player from the Clash) and Fee Waybill (lead vocalist of the Tubes) also add authenticity.