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Jaws 2 Reviews

More a remake than a sequel, this production seems like a pointless effort. With a plot virtually identical to that of the first film, the only real difference between the two--and it is significant--is that Spielberg didn't direct this one. Once again the resort town of Amity Island is in terror of vicious shark attacks, and again police chief Scheider tries to close the beaches--but, of course, the still-moronic mayor (Hamilton) refuses to allow this because it might threaten an important property-development deal. The colorful Quint was killed in the first film, so the story falls back on the Brody-family soap opera, with the Brody children in jeapardy and their dad impelled to save them. Director Szwarc, best known for BUG (1975), performs his duties in a disappointingly pedestrian manner. Because this made enough money to justify yet another sequel, JAWS 3-D was in the offing.