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Here Come the Co-eds Reviews

This wacky Abbott and Costello vehicle--if that's your thing--features the duo as caretakers at a women's college that's in deep financial trouble. To raise money to help keep the school open, Oliver (Costello) gets in the wrestling ring with "The Masked Marvel" (Lon Chaney, Jr.), who, sans his grappling disguise, is the man who is trying to close down the college. Highlight is a silent classic bit originally developed by Billy Bevan in which Costello is served a bowl of stew containing a live oyster. The oyster squirts his face, bites his fingers, and devours his necktie when he tries to catch it, yanking his face into the bowl. This routine appeared three years earlier in a Three Stooges short, DUTIFUL BUT DUMB, with Curly Howard as the victim, and a variation of the gag was employed in THE WISTFUL WIDOW OF WAGON GAP.