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Bank Shot Reviews

What a disappointment is this far-fetched and silly TV-like movie from what would appear to be a fine creative group. We say TV because that's precisely what this film looks like from start to finish--the only difference being the presence of Scott. Westlake's weak novel is overdone to a turn by Mayes's adaptation and Champion's direction (an odd choice fpr director, as he'd only done one film previously, MY SIX LOVES, and that was 11 years earlier). Scott stars as a bank robber, in the largest sense of the word. Using house-moving equipment, Scott and his cohort rob a bank by dragging it away with them. The remainder of the film is a chase that never quite pays off. With Robert Reed in the lead, you might have seen this on any given Friday night on ABC. One of the few standouts is Riley in a small role as Jackson. Riley has since appeared in many films, notably ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES and TO BE OR NOT TO BE.