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Another Cinderella Story Reviews

Reviewed By: Craig Butler

Another Cinderella Story would be a pretty lame affair without its talented cast. Created using the Disney Channel's patented cookie cutter formula, the screenplay is so predictable that one can watch the film with the sound off and not really miss anything important plotwise. Said plot also, of course, features a number of credibility-stretching ingredients -- but then, so does the original Cinderella tale, so perhaps it's not fair to complain about that in this version. The music and dancing is also exactly what one would expect: trendy, friendly, unchallenging pop songs and generic dancing that emphasizes lots of energy. Of course, with Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley on hand as the Cinderella character and her prince, the material comes across as much more entertaining than it should. And when the riotously amusing Jane Lynch is added into the mix, one surprisingly finds oneself laughing out loud. None of the flaws will matter to its target audience, anyway; but older viewers can be thankful for the fine cast that makes it much more bearable than it should be.