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The divas who always keep us coming back for more

1 of 12 Ron Tom/ABC


Gabrielle Solis, Desperate Housewives: A former fashion model, Gaby knows a thing or two about attitude. Whether she's sticking it to her poor blind husband Carlos or sticking by her friends, you can always hear a little finger-snapping in her voice.
2 of 12 Everett Collection


Amanda Woodward, Melrose Place: As cutthroat as she was promiscuous, Amanda always got what she wanted. Perhaps that's why she was "the heart and soul of the show and one of the best [Queen Bees]!" (PGP)
3 of 12 NBC/Everett Collection


Karen Walker, Will  Grace: Because Karen was so funny, we forgot just how vicious she could be. Whether referring to her staff by job rather than name or just openly looking down on/mocking her friends, she's as cold as she is funny.
4 of 12 Everett Collection


Miss Piggy, The Muppet Show: Two words "Hi-YA!" Piggy's strength lies in her ability to back up her tough talk with actual physical violence. (Just ask poor Kermit.) She's a diva "hands (hooves pig's feet) down." (sjpatrick)
5 of 12 Jonathan Hession/Showtime


Anne Boleyn, The Tudors: This historical temptress used her feminine wiles to her advantage, refusing to give Henry VIII the milk until he bought the cow -- that is, married her. Reader NIKKIZAP laments: "Alas, we all know her fate!"
6 of 12 Everett Collection


Angela Channing, Falcon Crest: Angela was ruthless in combating those who opposed her as the head of the Falcon Crest winery. She was "a true Queen Bee with a sting!" (icebrg)
7 of 12 Animal Planet


Flower, Meerkat Manor: Ruling with an iron paw, this furry matriarch gave everything (even, ultimately, her life -- sniff!) looking out for her loved ones. "Who else would take on a cobra to defend her family" (chrispypanfry)
8 of 12 Yolanda Perez/ABC


Erica Kane, All My Children: We've welcomed the wave of ruthlessness that is Erica Kane into our living rooms for nearly 40 years. Maybe that's why when it comes to finding the top divas, "it's all about Erica." (srn65)
9 of 12 Elizabeth Carrillo/The CW


Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model: As "Queen" of a hugely popular reality show, it seems Tyra's "got it together" (crazy doodle). But lest we forget, "the scary thing about Tyra is that she's not fictional." (i heart my television)
10 of 12 Eric Liebowitz/The CW


Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl: While there's no denying "it gives her pleasure putting people in their place and exposing their flaws" (cmschrei), Blair most likely earned her spot for being a "a word that rhymes with witch!" (peachmahoney)
11 of 12 Vivian Zink/ABC


Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty: Like all tough, old-school broads, Wilhelmina lets nothing affect her goals. "Come on! She stole a dead man's sperm to get an heir to a magazine empire." (iheartmytelevision) She's "divalicious!" (peachmahoney)
12 of 12 ABC Archive/Retna


Alexis Carrington, Dynasty: The readers speak for themselves: "How can there be any debate here Alexis Carrington is the be all and end all of TV divas. No one else even comes [close to] a distant second!" (afmalice)