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TV's Biggest Blunders

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Everett Collection

NBC Cancels Baywatch

Say what you will about the story lines on Baywatch, but the show made money. After NBC canceled it, the Hoff-fest went on to become the most popular show on Earth. Oops. Check out this and other major mistakes on TV Guide Network's hourlong special, 25 Biggest TV Blunders, airing Sunday at 8/7c.
2 of 13 Columbia TriStar Television/Everett Collection

Sexual Tension Lost

Dawson's Creek is just one of many shows that lost tension a-plenty when its lead characters hooked up.
3 of 13 Aaron Spelling Productions/Everett Collection

Life with Lucy

Who are we to say how television icon Lucille Ball should enjoy her golden years? We just wish she hadn't spent them doing slapstick jokes that made us fear for her safety.
4 of 13 Carole Segal/NBC

Bad Remakes

For years, viewers pleaded for a remake of the '70s classic Bionic Woman. Wait, no they didn't. The short-lived revamp was one of a slew of unnecessary do-overs.
5 of 13 Touchstone Television/Everett Collection

Felicity Cuts Her Hair

Were viewers of Felicity so loyal to the title character's locks that they abandoned their allegiance to the show just because she got a haircut? Yes.
6 of 13 ABC Archive/Getty Images

Roseanne Wins the Lottery

Viewers tuned into the weekly exploits of the Conners to see normal people deal with the same kinds of family and financial troubles as the rest of us — until they won a big ol' pile of money and suddenly became not very much like us at all.
7 of 13 Lifetime

Project Runway

Things were going just great for Project Runway until it switched networks and settings in the same season. Don't worry, bitter, jaded New Yorkers: Your show has come home from L.A.
8 of 13 Everett Collection

Cousin Oliver

The Brady kids had a nice little thing going until their cousin showed up for no reason. Now his name is shorthand for every too-cute, extra character.
9 of 13 20th Century Fox

Premature Exits

Memo to any actor who thinks his hit show couldn't possibly go on without him: Yes it can. David Caruso's departure from NYPD Blue is only one of the premature exits that proves it.
10 of 13 ABC Archive/Getty Images

Joanie Loves Chachi

Happy Days spun off the highly successful Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy. But Joanie Loves Chachi paid dearly for its hubristic attempt to abandon the [Proper Noun] and [Proper Noun] naming protocol.
11 of 13 Everett Collection

The Quiz Show Scandal

One thing that makes game shows really entertaining is when they aren't rigged. Get with the program, 1950s.
12 of 13 NBC

Jay Leno at 10

Not much has been written about this, but NBC once moved Tonight Show host Jay Leno to prime time, a silly experiment that turned out not to work.
13 of 13 Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The Wardrobe Malfunction

The court fights and speculation over Janet Jackson's semi-exposed ta-ta continues to this day. One question: If she never expected to be exposed, why was she wearing that scary star-shaped thing over her nipple? Does she do that all the time, just in case? Which blunder was the biggest? Find out on 25 Biggest TV Blunders, airing Sunday at 8/7c on TV Guide Network.