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See the shows we said good-bye to and the ones taken from us too soon

1 of 10 Prashant Gupta/FX

The Shield

Instead of a pat ending in which the dastardly Vic Mackey finally gets his comeuppance, the series finale saddles the action junky with a mundane desk job. It's a nice coda to the ethically challenged cop's wild ride, but it kills us not to know how slippery Vic will escape this humiliating fate. Because you know he totally will somehow.
2 of 10 Adam Taylor/ABC

Pushing Daisies

This vibrant, magic-filled show broke all the rules. Its cancellation robs us of the rich and quirky characters we looked forward to seeing each week. We'll think fondly of Olive pining for Ned, Emerson's all-bark-and-no-bite detective work, the crazy aunts eating their mood-enhancer-spiked pie and, of course, Ned and Chuck's amazing chemistry. Just like the couple's many inventive ways of connecting without touching, Daisies truly was original.
3 of 10 Dana Edelson/NBC

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

We're thrilled to see Conan taking over The Tonight Show, but we'll miss the loose, stupid-smart brilliance of his later-night misadventures. His new gig has a respected pedigree Conan is professional enough to honor — but we kind of like him best when he's at his least professional, looking shocked that anyone lets him put all those PimpBots, insult comic dogs and other comic miracles on the air.
4 of 10 Carole Segal/Sci Fi Channel

Battlestar Galactica

This sci-fi drama may have been set in outer space, but it couldn't have been more grounded in real-world issues. There wasn't a slimy alien, laser blaster or flowing robe-clad leader to be seen. Instead, Battlestar chose to create a world that parallels our own, including difficult and topical storylines that dealt with war, torture, slavery, child trafficking, racism and more. The lines were constantly blurred between the good guys and the bad guys, creating some of the most compelling TV in years.
5 of 10 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Eli Stone

Too bad ABC didn't have more "faith" in this one. It struck a nice balance among drama, comedy and George Michael-inspired fantasy musical numbers. Though it sometimes was preachy in the courtroom, the show wasn't afraid to address controversial topics such as autism. And everything it did, it did with heart.
6 of 10 Brian Bowen Smith/NBC


With its frenzied pace and technical innovations (George Clooney didn't hurt either), ER single-handedly elevated the realism of the medical genre, not to mention rewrote TV history as the longest-running medical drama. While the gores and guts kept us intrigued, it was the show's emotional undercurrent that kept us watching for 15 years (watch "Love's Labor Lost" now). And as the series' closing moments showed us, with County General looming large in the background, there are still a lot more stories left to be told. We just won't get to observe.
7 of 10 Vivian Zink/ABC

Dirty Sexy Money

This one's pretty simple: We're just going to miss the goings on of the whacked-out Darling family. From Tripp's shady past and Karen's microwave marriages to Patrick's secret double life with a tranny and the good Rev. Brian's anger issues, it's surprising Nick maintained sanity amid the madness. We're going to miss watching him try.
8 of 10 Adam Taylor/Fox

Prison Break

The fact that a show about busting out of jail survived three seasons after the initial jailbreak is a testament to...um, people's ability to suspend disbelief. Yes, it could be hokey and sometimes bordered on ridiculous, but Scofield & Co. always delivered action-packed hours that we just couldn't turn away from.
9 of 10 Eric Liebowitz/ABC

Life on Mars

ABC's take on the BBC time-traveling cop drama was different, and its expansion of the original concept had us intrigued to learn Sam Tyler's real story. With a top-notch cast and a subtly gritty 1970s setting, this meditation on history, love and justice deserved more than to be some astronaut's fever dream.
10 of 10 Vivian Zink/ABC

Boston Legal

Well, we certainly are going to miss poking fun at its groan-worthiness week after week.