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Catch up with Bachelors past

Liam Mathews
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Alex Michel

The very first Bachelor from back in 2002 is now out of the public eye. We don't even know if he's married. We do know he's in charge of the D.C. office of German management consulting firm Generation Consulting. Before that, he was the head of strategy for Microsoft's online advertising efforts in Europe. The Harvard Business School graduate is still probably the most well-rounded of all the Bachelors, though even he wasn't without his own sex scandal: Amanda Marsh dumped him because he slept with runner-up (and eventual first Bachelorette) Trista Rehn. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Aaron Buerge

Bachelor #2 is the President and CEO of the First National Bank of Clinton, Missouri. He used to own a restaurant called Trolley's Downtown Bar & Grille in Springfield, but it closed in 2015. Apparently running a bank is easier than running a restaurant. He didn't marry his Bachelor bae Helene Eksterowicz, whom he allegedly dumped at a Starbucks, but he did marry a woman named Angye McIntosh in 2009. They have one daughter.

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Andrew Firestone

The old-money third Bachelor now runs a hospitality investment company. The great-grandson of the founder of Firestone Tires married model Ivana Bozilovic in 2008. They have two sons and one daughter. His kids have a bounce house not unlike the one the nefarious Corinne used to seduce Nick Viall on Season 21.

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Bob Guiney

Guiney -- the first guy to make the jump from The Bachelorette to The Bachelor -- is one of the most publicly visible of the early Bachelors in 2017, making regular appearances as a panelist on Today. He married his third wife, Jessica Canyon, in November. He was previously married to soap star Rebecca Budig from 2004 to 2010. He continues to inspire average-looking guys to dream that one day they too can be the Bachelor.

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Jesse Palmer

The retired quarterback is still in the football game, working as an analyst for ESPN and the SEC Network (which also employs the most recent Bachelorette winner, Jordan Rodgers). He's also a correspondent for Good Morning America. He's better-looking now than he was then (or at least has better-fitting suits). And he's still not married.

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Jay Overbye

Season 6 was the first season to make the contestants choose between two Bachelors in the first episode. Byron Velvick got to stay for the rest of the season. The other guy was the prophetically named Jay Overbye. Overbye's fine now: he's a prominent real estate broker in New York City. If you're looking to buy in Williamsburg or the Upper West Side, he's your guy.

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Byron Velvick

Velvick and Mary Delgado's five-year relationship was longer than most Bachelor couples', but it was rocky. Delgado was arrested for domestic battery after she split Velvick's lip during an argument; the charges were later dropped. That's all behind Velvick now, as he married a woman named Belinda Juarez in 2015. They have a five-year-old daughter. The angler retired from pro fishing in 2016.

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Charlie O'Connell

Actor Jerry O'Connell's brother was the seventh Bachelor. He didn't propose to Sarah Brice, and they split a few months after the finale aired. He's currently in a relationship with Playboy Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund. An actor in his own right, he can next be seen in the indie movie A Curry on an American Plate alongside NBA star-turned-actor Rick Fox.

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Travis Lane Stork

Stork and Sarah Stone had already split by the time their season aired. He married fellow doctor Charlotte Brown in 2012; they divorced in 2015. He's still on TV as the host of the medical talk show The Doctors, which he has hosted since 2008. Love may be fleeting, but syndication is forever.

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Lorenzo Borghese

The Italian nobleman and entrepreneur dated Jennifer Wilson for a few months after filming ended, and has never married. He now runs a pet grooming products company, and his delightful Instagram is mostly pictures of dogs. In 2010, HarperCollins published The Princess of Nowhere, a historical romance novel he wrote. He beat Chris Harrison to press by five years.

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Andy Baldwin

The Officer and the Gentleman is still in the Navy, stationed in Virginia, and still not married. His work as a doctor and his love of triathlons keep him busy, though. After he split from Tessa Horst, he dated Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples, so he may be on some kind of government watchlist now.

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Brad Womack

Womack is a historic Bachelor: the first (and only) Bachelor to reject both of his finalists, the first (and only) two-time Bachelor, and arguably the first Bachelor of the Bachelor Nation era. Very little is known about his personal life post-Bachelor, since he has no social media accounts (probably because he'd be cyberbullied -- he was not a popular Bachelor). But his Texas-based restaurant group, Carmack Concepts, seems to be thriving. He opened a restaurant called The Dogwood in Austin, Texas last year.

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Matt Grant

The British Bachelor got engaged to Rebecca Moring on Christmas Eve, a little more than eight years after he split from his Bachelor pick, Shayne Lamas. He has said he regrets picking Lamas, who thought there were palm trees in London. He lives across the pond, where presumably he still works in finance.

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Jason Mesnick

The man responsible for what is still the craziest twist in Bachelor history is still married to Molly Malaney, the runner-up for whom he dumped the initial winner, Melissa Rycroft, on live TV. They reside outside of Seattle and have two children -- one daughter together and Mesnick's son from his first marriage. Theirs is one of just two marriages that have directly come out of The Bachelor. Mesnick spoke freely about the Melissa/Molly fiasco last month, saying he regrets not standing up to producers who manipulated him into dumping Melissa in such a hurtful way. The Mesnick Story would make a great TV movie.

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Jake Pavelka

Arguably the man of lowest moral character to ever be the Bachelor (his interview/fight with ex Vienna Girardi that aired during The Bachelorette is one of the ugliest moments in franchise history), Jake Pavelka still has yet to find love. The real-life pilot's most prominent post-Bachelor acting gig was on The Bold and the Beautiful, playing... a pilot. He last appeared on TV giving advice to JoJo Fletcher during the premiere of her season of The Bachelorette.

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Ben Flajnik

The Bay Area-based winemaker's relationship with notorious bad girl Courtney Robertson didn't work out. He's now dating a woman named Steph Winn. They met on Tinder, which must make going on The Bachelor look like a huge waste of time and energy, in retrospect. Business-wise, he's switched from wine to liquor, co-founding Fernet Francisco with a friend.

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Sean Lowe

Bachelor Nation's golden boy. The devout Lowe is so far the only Bachelor to marry the woman he proposed to in the finale. He and Catherine Giudici welcomed their first child, a boy, last year. He co-hosted the Bachelor in Paradise post-show After Paradise last year, and published a book about being a nice Christian boy on one of TV's most risqué franchises.

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Juan Pablo Galavis

The other potential worst Bachelor is still firing off bizarre tweets, and dating a Venezuelan beauty queen named Osmariel Villalobos. He's OK.

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Chris Soules

Prince Farming still works on his farm in Iowa and he's still single after his engagement to Whitney Bischoff didn't work out. But he and his dog have matching sweaters, so his life is pretty good.

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Ben Higgins

Bachelor #20 is still engaged to Lauren Bushnell, though no date is set for their wedding. He recently went back to work as a software salesman after he and Lauren, who live in Colorado, were replaced by the Ferguson twins on their Freeform reality show Happily Ever After? He has no plans to run for public office, but maybe he'll give it another shot sometime.