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Every Costume On The Masked Singer, Ranked

Looking back on three seasons of incredible creations

Masked Singer Best Costumes Ranked
1 of 47 FOX

Masked Singer Best Costumes Ranked

The Masked Singer ended its third season with a new milestone: its first-ever female winner, Kandi Burruss. While we sit in giddy anticipation of what's to come as the show is already looking ahead to Season 4, we took a look back at the entire history of The Masked Singer to look at all the costumes in the show's run to figure out which ones we've loved best. While each and every one of these dazzling creations is indeed a work of art and a feat of design genius, some of are more magnificent that others and only one is the best Masked Singer costume of all time. Which one earns the top spot? Check out our ranking! 

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Taco (Season 3)

Only someone like Dad-joke king Tom Bergeron could be fitting for this costume, which, like one of Tom's dad jokes, is lovable and cringe-worthy at the same time.

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Pineapple (Season 1)

This one is just as much a complex creation as all the others, but Tommy Chong's shell is so goofy it's hard to take it seriously as a masterwork akin to others in the Masked Singer library. 

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Hippo (Season 1)

There are two types of Masked Singer costumes: the whole-shebang, full-body types, and then costumes that are more reliant on headpieces to convey the mood of the piece. Hippo belongs in the latter category. 

5 of 47 FOX

Banana (Season 3)

Not quite a slip-up, Banana is just simple (and silly). Nothing wrong with that.  

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Penguin (Season 2)

The leather jacket on the body of Sherri Shepherd's costume is pretty cool, but it needs the head to make sense, and even then it doesn't have the same oomph as some of the others in the season. 

7 of 47 FOX

Ice Cream (Season 2)

Like an ice cream cone itself, once you get past the top of this costume, the lower half is still satisfying, but not quite as interesting. 

8 of 47 FOX

Robot (Season 3)

This one's pretty straightforward, bringing to mind the Jetsons and vintage toy robots, but it was made all the more cool when we learned Lil Wayne  was inside. 

9 of 47 FOX

Skeleton (Season 2)

Paul Shaffer got ghoulish in this ghastly getup, reminiscent of a voodoo daddy. 

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Panda (Season 2)

Pastels and that uber-sweet expression on Panda's face make this costume, worn by Laila Ali, extremely precious. 

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Kangaroo (Season 3)

Impossibly cute, but straightforward. 

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Astronaut (Season 3)

One of the more literal creations in Masked Singer history, Hunter Hayes' space suit is one of the simpler executions in the show's range of costumes. 

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Flower (Season 3)

A gown like this is totally something we could see Patti LaBelle, the singer inside the costume, wearing in the '80s -- and that head, dazzling as it is, is super creepy.

14 of 47 FOX

Elephant (Season 3)

The head that Tony Hawk donned for this futuristic, gaming-inspired getup was the centerpiece of this otherwise unremarkable ensemble. 

15 of 47 FOX

Bear (Season 3)

Sarah Palin looked so delicious in this cotton candy-colored confection you could almost taste her. 

16 of 47 FOX

Thingamajig (Season 2)

Nicole Scherzinger's crush, a tall drink of neon water exploding out of a multi-patterned suit, got off relatively easy in terms of intricacy: This one is mostly a head, hands, and feet, as adorable as it is.  

17 of 47 FOX

T-Rex (Season 3)

Italian influences show up in this homage to creatures gone by, worn by YouTube star JoJo Siwa. 

18 of 47 FOX

Mouse (Season 3)

Dionne Warwick wore this breezy, fairy tale-inspired costume, which is mostly just a head. 

19 of 47 FOX

T-Rex (Season 3)

Italian influences show up in this homage to creatures gone by, worn by YouTube star JoJo Siwa.

20 of 47 FOX

Rhino (Season 3)

Without the head, the aviation-inspired costume Barry Zito wore in Season 3 would look a lot like a tourist on safari. 

21 of 47 FOX

Eagle (Season 2)

A walking homage to Americana and rock 'n' roll, Dr. Drew got to rock a fringed jacket with vaguely Native American garb. Take away that eagle head and this is totally something you could see Lenny Kravitz wearing, right? 

22 of 47 FOX

Rottweiler (Season 2)

Chris Daughtry wore this swagged-out look, built to look like a rap star with exposed abs, a chain, a backwards ball cap, and sneakers. 

23 of 47 FOX

Llama (Season 3)

Who better than Drew Carey to pull off this goofy ensemble, made to look like a wacky tourist? As silly as this one looks, the fact that the costume was made for a man to stand upright and move around in while accommodating a pair of moving hind legs is pretty remarkable. 

24 of 47 FOX

Black Widow (Season 2)

Raven-Symoné brought this menacing mama to life, and while the tentacles are an example of the strong craftsmanship that goes into these costumes, the structural elements are just like those of Bee or Raven: jumpsuit + appendages = costume. 

25 of 47 FOX

Bee (Season 1)

Music legend Gladys Knight rocked this bee-atutiful outfit, which was fun as it was functional. Basically, it consists of multi-colored tights with some appendages attached, likely for comfort and ease of movement. 

26 of 47 FOX

Miss Monster (Season 2)

Monster was one of the more challenging costumes to make, costume designer Marina Toybina told TV Guide; it's cylindrical, has openings for vocals, and had one for winner T-Pain to see out of. Still, compared to some of the other eye-popping creations we've seen, it's tame. 

27 of 47 FOX

Monster (Season 1)

Like her twin -- or is he a husband? -- Miss Monster was a challenging costume to make, costume designer Marina Toybina has said; it's cylindrical, has openings for vocals, and had one for winner Chaka Khan  to see out of. 

28 of 47 FOX

Raven (Season 2)

Worn by Ricki Lake, this ensemble involves some exquisite elements, like the absolutely stunning wings arranged in a wavy pattern that replicates plumage, the complicated cage, and the 3D-printed mask. But they're paired with a simple black pant and sweater combo that looks a little plain in contrast.

29 of 47 FOX

Alien (Season 2)

A little bit Mars Attacks! and a little bit Frederick's of Hollywood, LaToya Jackson's alien is sexy and fun but mostly reliant on that (great) alien head. 

30 of 47 FOX

Unicorn (Season 1)

This enchanting vision worn by Tori Spelling looks like something you'd see at Burning Man or a high-class rave. 

31 of 47 FOX

Ladybug (Season 2)

The silhouette on this one, worn by Kelly Osbourne, was very reminiscent of a 1950s housewife. Chrome and plastic brought this freakishly 3-D design to life. 

32 of 47 FOX

Tree (Season 2)

Another example of the technical skill and engineering required to make these come to life, the Christmas tree Ana Gasteyer wore may look simple, but it's very complex. Fans will remember how each layer of the tree moved on its own, and those jingling bells never fell off. Impressive. 

33 of 47 FOX

Frog (Season 3)

The genius of this costume is how it (a) perfectly nails the "zoot suit" period references and (b) perfectly matches the hip-hop persona of the singer in the suit, Bow Wow, without being an overt callout to rap culture.  Plus, that frog head is extremely cute. 

34 of 47 FOX

Butterfly (Season 2)

Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child wowed in this freakishly cool marvel -- but it was largely a stunning set of wings and alien-looking head that made it so amazing. At its core, it's a jumpsuit. An incredible jumpsuit. 

35 of 47 FOX

Fox (Season 2)

Incorporating equine references such as jodhpurs and riding boots, Fox was super evocative of an English tradition -- complete with a very Sherlockian hat. But it's the actual mask that does most of the work here, and all for the better: It let Wayne Brady move freely so he could slay the stage as he won Season 2. 

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Rabbit (Season 1)

Looking like a slightly less terrifying Donnie Darko, Rabbit hinted at some demented dreams by incorporating elements that suggested a straightjacket and even hip-hop -- visual codes Joey Fatone wove into his great performances. 

37 of 47 FOX

Poodle (Season 2)

Margaret Cho was the perfect choice for this fun and festive interpretation of a poodle, which added some airbrushed color to a geometric headpiece for a 21st century feel. 

38 of 47 FOX

Egg (Season 3)

Like some sort of angelic-looking pimp, Egg rocked a long, swagger-ific coat topped with a wide-brimmed hat with a yolk at the center. But it's the intricate beading and rhinestone work that makes this costume stand out, recalling the luxurious decadence of the fashion line Balmain. It's too perfect for a fashionista like Johnny Weir.   

39 of 47 FOX

Night Angel (Season 3)

Season 3 winner Kandi Burruss' costume was a feeling created by rich color, massive wings, and a Venetian-inspired mask frozen in an expression of either surprise or horror -- that part's up to interpretation. 

40 of 47 FOX

Swan (Season 3)

Yup, you were totally turned on by a giant swan, and it's OK. Feathers, a fierce expression, and flirty heels paired with a body reminiscent of a miniskirt made Swan (Bella Thorne) look like she was designed to be alluring. And she was. 

41 of 47 FOX

Leopard (Season 2)

This regal robe and collared piece seemed to borrow from Elizabethian fashion, with elaborate, ornately patterned material, fringe, and of course that corset -- which totally helped Seal get into character during his run. 

42 of 47 FOX

White Tiger (Season 3)

This extravagant piece is deceptively simple. Reminiscent of a video game character, White Tiger (donned by Rob Gronkowski) is a full-body contraption that entails a fur suit, fuzzy hands and feet, armor, ornate body jewelry with Asian/ancient Egyptian elements, a head plus a headpiece on top of that. It's a spectacle and one of the most intricate pieces ever. 

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Kitty (Season 3)

Jackie Evancho got to play the role of a coquettish cat in this contraption, which borrowed elements from the Las Vegas showgirl tradition and Moulin Rouge burlesque. 

44 of 47 FOX

Deer (Season 1)

Wood, and earthy elements to make the steampunk-inspired look Terry Bradshaw wore seem like a sexy creature fantasy.

45 of 47 FOX

Flamingo (Season 2)

Former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon got to rock this spectacle, which subtly hints at Bailon's bubbly, high-energy personality. Considering that the fringe, bead work, and feathery tail were designed to keep up with her fast footwork, this costume is a marvel of skill and engineering. 

46 of 47 FOX

Peacock (Season 1)

Only true showman Donny Osmond could be worthy of such a fabulous creation -- a bonanza of feathers, sequins, and attitude.

47 of 47 FOX

Lion (Season 1)

Not only was Rumer Willis one of the strongest contestants in Season 1, but she had the honor of rocking the best costume in Masked Singer history: this gasp-worthy showstopper that blended fur, gold, jewels, armor, a cape, and a royal mask to create a masterpiece.