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Here's a Shopping Guide Inspired by Claire from Outlander

Channel the Sassenach this season

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22 Holiday Shopping Ideas from Outlander's Claire

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) from Starz's Outlander has style for the ages -- as in, she literally gets to wear clothes from different centuries of human history. She's also a helluva healer, can recite key moments from history to help her new-old friends navigate their various challenges, and she can identify a useful wild herb or plant species on the spot. In other words, there's a lot to like about Claire, so if you're trying to find the perfect gift for an Outlander fan this season, there's inspiration aplenty available from the woman at the center of it all.

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Squeezable sweetness

These Claire and Jamie-themed teddy bears are almost too cute. Almost.

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3 of 23 Ed Miller, © 2014 Sony Pictures Television

Craigh na dun love

No Outlander fan collection would be complete without a little representation of the place where all the magic first happened, so this T-shirt homage to the site of all that supernatural power is a perfect stocking stuffer for Claire Fraser fans.

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By the cowl

Claire's selection of this yarn infinity scarf proved she knew just how to mix beauty with comfort.

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Highlander ready

This earth-toned plaid scarf was picture perfect for the 1743 era Claire found herself thrust into, but it's just as stylish in 2018.

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6 of 23 Neil Davidson, © 2014 Sony Pictures Television

Cool cape

This buckled shawl design is the perfect way to snuggle up and still pay homage to a piece of Claire's signature style.

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7 of 23 Steffan Hill, © 2016 Starz Entertainment, LLC

Awesome arm warmers

Since she needs her fingers free to do all of those emergency surgeries and plant-plucking, Claire opts for these arm warmers instead of gloves, which is a pretty genius solution to all of the typists trying to make it in their chilly office environments of the modern world as well.

Get it: at the Outlander store

8 of 23 Neil Davidson, © 2014 Sony Pictures Television

True charmer

This bracelet is filled with sweet reminders of some of the most exciting moments of Claire's journey so far, from her encounters with the occult to her stunts of subterfuge in France, and more.

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Green with envy

Claire's olive green riding coat is sensational, in the 1700s or now.

Get it: at the Outlander store

10 of 23 Neil Davidson, © 2014 Sony Pictures Television

Wrap it up

Channeling Claire can also be just as simple as suiting up in her signature tartan stole made of the same Highlander plaid fabric she sported on-screen.

Get it: at the Outlander store

11 of 23 Neil Davidson, © 2016 Starz Entertainment, LLC

Back to the books

Chances are, most Outlander fans will have already read Diana Gabaldon's book series, but just in case they're not, this eight-volume collection is sure to be a welcome addition to the shelf.

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Time to research

If there's one thing that Claire prides herself on, it's her gift with finding the perfect flora for any given situation, and that skill can also come in handy for anyone else who spends time outdoors or fancies themself a gardener.

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13 of 23 Steffan Hill, © Starz Entertainment, LLC

Mark the page

For those Outlander fans who also happen to be bibliophiles these adorable bookmarks are bound to be a hit.

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14 of 23 Robert Pereira Hind, © 2016 Starz Entertainment, LLC

Potions prep

Bring some of Claire's remedy-making moxie to the kitchen with this show-themed mortar and pestle set.

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15 of 23 Steffan Hill, © Starz Entertainment, LLC

Time for wine

These tumblers are sporty little winks to Jamie's loving nickname for Claire.

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Bridal bliss

For those that might like to bring Claire's luxe wedding gown to their own nuptial ceremony, this ornate replica costume option is divine.

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Lally Broch Knitting Club

Celebrate the Fraser homestead with this subtle tribute mug.

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Tack it on

This tiny thistle pin accessory will help fans add a piece of Scotland heritage to any outfit.

Get it: at the Outlander store

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23 Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired by Claire from Outlander

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Slang thang

One thing all fans have to appreciate about Claire is her fearlessness with four-letter words and creative expressions of frustration, as with this unique phrase she tends to spit when she's fed up with whatever Jamie or those other silly Scots have been up to.

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Don't forget Frank

He might not be the fan-favorite of Claire Fraser's beaus, but for those who have some love to spare for Frank Randall, this Funko Pop toy features him in his suave three-piece suit.

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22 of 23 © 2016 Starz Entertainment, LLC

Modern art

These cartoon drawings of the characters in some of their most iconic outfits will add some timeless elegance to any wall, without being too obvious about the fandom influence.

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23 of 23 © 2016 Starz Entertainment, LLC

Dragonfly in Amber necklace

Because book two of Gabaldon's series is called Dragonfly in Amber. Obviously.

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