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1 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova

Like brother, like brother? Not really. Michael's Dancing dreams of following in his Triplet Emmitt Smith's Mirrorball-winning footsteps took a huge hit with his less-than-stellar cha-cha. He's got the charm down, but that will only take you so far, as evidenced by his bottom-dweller power ranking.
2 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya (tie)

The Iceman danceth! A little bit. The former UFC champ has got the power and the determination, but his large physique is an impediment andmdash; for now at least. Can he get light on his feet in the "rectagon"?
3 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Debi Mazar and Maksim Chmerkovksiy (tie)

Nervous and stiff, Debi was a shadow of the foul-mouthed and aggressive tough cookies she plays on-screen. Maks has been taking her skills up, so we're hoping they were just opening-night jitters. In any case, Madonna's BFF needs to do something to make a lasting impression with voters.
4 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani (tie)

Kathy may have found her hips, but she certainly wasn't shaking them in her muted and conservative (we thought Tom DeLay was the Republican here) salsa number. Someone pull her out of her shell (ahem, Tony) before she becomes another early-round model victim.
5 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo (tie)

This Olympic champ didn't quite make a splash (no pun intended) with her salsa, but if we've learned anything from Dancing, it's that we can never count out an Olympic gold medalist. Plus, she made a vast improvement in her foxtrot relay, so the best may be to come.
6 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas (tie)

Stricken by nerves, Melissa cautiously twirled her way through her Viennese waltz, but, like Natalie, also improved greatly in her cha-cha relay. We know she's got a die-hard fan base, so if she can improve even more and keep her nerves in check, she may be a contender.
7 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer (tie)

The self-proclaimed cha-cha Chairman's secret ingredient turned out to be his martial arts background, which was a plus in his kung fu-inspired cha-cha. Now that he's gotten the shtick out of his system, he needs to focus on his fancy footwork — and slow them down a notch.
8 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower (tie)

The snowboarding champ has certainly made strides since our initial Dancing poll, in which he garnered only 1 percent of the vote. Charming and determined to do well, Louie pulled off a respectable foxtrot-salsa combo that has clearly earned him a lot more fans. Just don't call him a "dancing hobbit" anymore, Bruno.
9 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff

Nick's little bro walked away as the top dude from Week 1, debuting a solid cha-cha and out-Viennese waltzing his relay competitors. His performance background undoubtedly helps, but he will need to work on injecting more personality into his routines. That constipated look is not attractive, A.C.
10 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin

Mya and Dmitry felt the wrath of Len for their apparently inappropriately styled Viennese waltz, but 10 percent of voters have got their backs. Wrong style or not, you can't deny that their sweet routine was the picture of romance and grace. Let's hope we don't hear any "ringer" comments.
11 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke

"Wild Thing" Tom rockets all the way to fourth place with 12 percent of the votes. His dancing may have been lackluster and definitely not wild, but the man still knows how to mobilize votes. How long can this last though?
12 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough

Showing she's more Brooke Burke than Josie Maran, Joanna gave us the sexiest and sassiest salsa of the week, putting her in first place on the leader board and tied in fourth with 12 percent of the vote. The only thing that's really holding her back at this point is the bad will many viewers still have for her after her Superstars lash-out at Terrell Owens.
13 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson

Dethroned to second from our initial poll, Donny reeled in 14 percent of the vote to go along with his decent if awfully hammy foxtrot and salsa. He's certainly got more natural ability than Marie, but it's still a long way to go before he can tie her third-place finish.
14 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel

Wowing judges, her parents and audiences alike, Kelly transformed from a tomboy to a lady before our eyes with a glorious Viennese waltz, and then showed her feisty side with a fun little salsa. With 30 percent of the vote, she's topped our power rankings for the week, but can she keep this great momentum and dancing going?