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See who TVGuidecom readers think is playing to win

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9) Michelle:  We have to assume she would have scored more votes if we had seen her courageous efforts in the most recent HOH competition sooner. Even so, she was fighting mostly for Jessie, which could be why she still ranks low in our poll.
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8) April: She may be the new HOH, but she is still little more than a puppet for Libra, who is running the house at will. It may take her stepping out on her own to climb our rankings (and to win the game).
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7) Jessie: Mr. Muscles proved last week that he could do almost anything and still stay in the house, which may be why he finds himself on the block once again. Will his luck finally run out
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6) Memphis: The early favoritte has fallen to the middle of the pack, presumably because he and his alliance haven't won the competitions necessary to put up opposition in the house. He's  on the block, and, without a POV win, could pack his bags.
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5) Ollie: His gameplay matches that of Libra and April (it's like they share one brain!), but he's easily the most likable of the three. (Just look at the guy!) Still, he needs to make a play of his own if he hopes to take the 500,000.
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4) Keesha: She took out her target last week, but she didn't deliver any real game-shaking strategy. (Mostly because she, too, is doing Libra's bidding.) She keeps finding reasons to flip on her alliance, but will she ever break her word to Libra
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3)Libra: What the puppetmaster wants, the puppetmaster gets. At least that's the case so far. She's still yet to see the inside of the HOH room, but if she isn't evicted soon, she won't ever have to in order to win.
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2) Renny: She jumped in our polls, perhaps because she brefriended Keesha without totally becoming a puppet for that alliance. She's already proven our first impression of her wrong, but can she go the distance
10 of 10 Monty Brinton/CBS


1) Dan: We suspect the fans that made him America's Player are the same who voted him to the top spot this week. He has done well at removing the target on his back, but will his new task be his undoing (Some of the houseguests are already suspicious!)