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Bow-wow! Check out the shows that play up the cute and cuddly

1 of 9 Animal Planet


Show: Pit Bulls and Parolees (Saturdays, 10/9c, Animal Planet)Premise: Tia Maria Torres runs a pit bull rescue center in New Orleans with her family with the help of her parolee volunteers. Why it's the cat's pajamas: Each episode runs the gamut from heartbreaking (and often dangerous) rescues that keep us enthralled to happy endings that warm our hearts while making us fall in love with the former convicts who've turned their lives around with the help of Tia and the unconditional love from the dogs they save. Watch this and try not to cry. Cute Factor: 4 paws

2 of 9 Nat Geo Wild


Show: The Incredible Dr. Pol (Saturdays, 8/9c, Nat Geo Wild) Premise: Despite being over 70, this vet still has more than 19,000 patients with a specialty in large livestock. Why it's the cat's pajamas: His no-nonsense, old school approach isn't for everyone, but his unwillingness to reject any patient provides for an up-close look at rural Michigan's countless group of animals. Plus: With his son back at home, it's fun to watch the family dynamic -- and business -- in action. Cute Factor: 2 paws

3 of 9 Animal Planet


Show: Too Cute! (Check local listings, Animal Planet)Premise: In only 30 minutes, this program examines the adorable antics of kittens and puppies the first few weeks after birth, from their first steps (and mistakes) to getting adopted into their new homes. Bonus: The series also earned veteran actor Henry Strozier his first-ever Emmy nomination for his warm and delightful narration. Why it's the cat's pajamas: The title says it all -- the cuteness is overwhelming.Cute Factor: 4 paws

4 of 9 Nat Geo Wild


Show: Cesar 911 (Check local listings, Nat Geo Wild)Premise: "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan works with canines that are causing problems in their neighborhoods.Why it's the cat's pajamas: Since Dog Whisperer ended, we've been missing Cesar and his intuitive techniques. Plus: We love watching him turn timid pet owners into pack leaders!Cute Factor: 3 paws

5 of 9 Nat Geo Wild


Show: Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER (Check local listings, Nat Geo Wild)Premise: Dr. Susan Kelleher operates one of the busiest exotic animal care practices filled with rabbits, reptiles and birds of all shapes and sizes, foxes, ferrets, fish, marsupials and even primates. Why it's the cat's pajamas: Get to know some of the diverse animals that people own as house pets -- no dogs or cats here! Seriously, have you ever seen a vet console a pet bushbaby with a baby voice? Plus: the uniqueness of the species she sees makes for intriguing cases. Cute Factor: 3 paws

6 of 9 Nat Geo Bryan Curb/CBS


Show: Lucky Dog (Saturdays, 7 a.m. on CBS)Premise: Brandon McMillan rescues rescue out-of control, untrained and "unadoptable dogs" from the local shelter and then sets out to train them into perfect pooches. In the end, he finds a family to adopt the dogs he works with. Why it's the cat's pajamas: Not only can you score some great tips for your own pet, but watching Brandon go above and beyond for animals that would probably end up put down otherwise is inspiring. And the dogs aren't the only ones benefiting. Many of the families who take in the pups often feel like they're the ones being rescued. Cute Factor: 4 paws

7 of 9 Animal Plant


Show: My Cat From Hell (Saturdays, 8/7c on Animal Planet)Premise: Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy takes on feline-related issues and repairs the human relationships that they're ruining. His methods emphasize understanding cat psychology, which usually boils down to games like "Eat, Play, Love," relocating the litter box or catification (giving your pet cat-friendly furniture to encourage feelings of safety and playfulness).Why it's the cat's pajamas: Not only will this help you speak cat, but these kitties will make your own furball seem like an angel. Plus: You never know what Jackson will pull out of his guitar case of tricks!Cute Factor: 2 paws

8 of 9 Nat Geo Wild


Show: Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet (Saturdays, 10/9c, Nat Geo Wild)Premise: The tough (and brave) yet compassionate veterinarian treats all animals from house pets to muskox across thousands of miles in the remote Yukon while juggling her local practice and being home with her husband and three daughters. Why it's the cat's pajamas: Most of Michelle's cases are far more interesting than your average house call and always keep you wondering how the heck she knows how to cater to animals you've never even heard of. Aside from being educational, it's also fascinating to see how this part of the world lives. Seriously, watch this. Cute Factor: 2 paws

9 of 9 PBS


Show: Sex in the Wild (Check local listings, PBS)Premise: Animal biologists document wildlife mating habits, their reproductive anatomies and behaviors while capturing rare, beautiful footage of these animals in their natural habitats.Why it's the cat's pajamas: Some of the scenes might be on the "TMI" side of nature, but the series is fascinating -- and definitely in-depth -- if you're into wildlife, science and endangered species. Cute Factor: 1 paw