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See the characters we've been slow to warm up to this season

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Tommy Garcia/Fox

Kitty (Becca Tobin), Glee

Even Glee's biggest villains have been able to occasionally pull back the curtain on why they’re so hostile. Unfortunately, the softer side of McKinley High’s newest bully, Kitty, is nowhere to be seen. She's racist, judges people's weight and seems generally intent on controlling (and ruining) the lives of others without an ounce of reason or compassion. Hopefully, the writers will start unpeeling Kitty's layers soon.
2 of 11 Michael Tackett/NBC

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Revolution

The fact that Revolution remains so popular with a lead as detested as Charlie is a true testament to the show. She has the potential to be a kickass heroine, but instead of showing off her prowess with a crossbow, Charlie's more apt to show off her lower lip. The Princess of Pout needs to toughen up or else it's unlikely the lights will ever turn back on.
3 of 11 Monty Brinton/CBS

Louis (Michael Urie), Partners

Michael Urie has the tiresome responsibility of carrying the "Gay People: They're Just Like Us" flag on CBS' new sitcom. Unfortunately, Louis is meddlesome and selfish. Worse, his shallowness and self-congratulatory delivery of cringe-worthy phrases like "50 shades of gay" makes the character seems like he finger-snapped his way in from a bygone television era when the very existence of a gay sidekick character was a punchline in itself. So much for shattering stereotypes!
4 of 11 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Jo (Camilla Ludington), Grey's Anatomy

If Grey's Anatomy was trying to make her the new Meredith Grey, they failed miserably. Not only is she far too whiny, but she's ended up being an amalgamation of Mer, Izzie and George — a Frankenstein character we don't want to get to know. If she cries one more time in the halls of Seattle Grace, we'll actually be hoping another shooter goes a rampage. Dear Shonda Rhimes, here's your first casualty of the season!
5 of 11 Greg Gayne/FOX

Sam (David Walton), New Girl

In theory, awkward Jess learning to have no-strings sex with this new guy sounds like comedy gold, even if it is a thinly veiled way to demonstrate that she's destined for a more meaningful relationship. Yes, Sam is easy on the eyes, but he's boring and flavorless. No wonder Jess needed roommate Nick (Jake Johnson) to be her emotional fluffer before she could face Sam in the bedroom. Besides, can you trust a guy who's been to that many Creed concerts?
6 of 11 Chris Haston/ABC

Clark (Clark Duke), The Office

Duke has the unenviable task of being an irritating knockoff of Dwight, someone who's already one of TV's least likeable characters. But Clark's creepy "audition" to land Erin a spot on the local news in the second episode took things to a whole new level. While Dwight's distorted worldview is entertaining, if not endearing, Clark just comes off as that annoying co-worker no one wants to see after business hours.
7 of 11 Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC

The cast of The Neighbors

You know what's worse than one annoying neighbor? A whole show about them. Not only that, but they're all aliens — and cluelessly weird and vexing ones at that. You'd think having been on Earth for 10 years, the Zabvornians would've learned how to acclimate to human life just a little bit. (Plus: Aren't aliens supposed to be more advanced than us mere earthlings?) But maybe we should blame the writers more than anything for saddling them with lowbrow humor and treating them merely as punchlines to unfunny jokes. C'mon, guys, Zabvronians are people too! Oh, wait…
8 of 11 Lady, the Cockatoo/Facebook

Lady the Cockatoo, The Voice

It's hard think of a largely silent bird as annoying, but Lady’s presence has been hard for Voice fans — mainly because the show already had a mascot that pushed all the right buttons: the beloved Purrfect the Cat. While Purrfect just sat obediently in Cee Lo's lap, Lady will awkwardly turn and show off her feathers to the camera during CeeLo’s. In the battle of The Voice’s official pet, Purrfect wins every time.
9 of 11 Jordin Althaus/FOX

Betsy (Zoe Jarman), The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is a nice balance between camp and reality, but Betsy has no place in either world. Wide-eyed and childish, the front-desk worker is pure caricature. To make matters worse, Betsy's naiveté seems to serve no purpose beyond giving Mindy a gullible devotee and making Betsy the butt of cheap jokes. Plus: She has terrible taste in liquor.
10 of 11 Karen Neal/ABC

The New Takeda (Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa), Revenge

The biggest twist of Revenge's second season is the recasting of Emily's mentor Satoshi Takeda. Without even a sly nod to the actor change, it's as though the show thought we wouldn't notice the change. Unfortunately, the character makeover is more than skin deep. Are we really supposed to ignore the fact that Takeda went from being a 52-year-old businessman to a 62-year-old 1980s film sensei?
11 of 11 Randy Tepper/Showtime

Louis (Josh Cooke), Dexter

Driven by hatred, Dexter's nemesis decided to make the titular serial killer’s life a living hell by canceling his credit cards and sending him the Ice Truck Killer hand. But what made him so annoying was that he apparently only did this because Dexter didn't like his video game. He was the one thing weighing down this otherwise reinvigorated season.