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Now that they've flipped through The Vampire Diaries and conjured all things Supernatural, the CW is looking to dig up another genre fave: zombies.

The CW is developing a script for the hour-long drama Awakening, about two sisters who face off against one another just as a zombie uprising begins. (This being the CW, we can probably assume Awakening will boast the best-looking zombies in the history of the genre.)

William Laurin and Glenn Davis, whose credits include NBC's The Listener and Lifetime's Missing, wrote the script and brought it to Reveille, the production company behind The Office and Ugly Betty. Reveille then sold the script to the CW, with Warner Bros. TV also on board; the network will decide in the coming days if they want to order a pilot.

Awakening comes as zombies take on vampires as TV's new favorite undead. AMC's zombiefest The Walking Dead drew some of the network's best-ever ratings, and who can forget the Halloween episode of NBC's Community, which turned the cast into zombies.

And just in case you still don't believe a zombie vs. vampire apocalypse is nigh, NBC is developing a show from McG's company titled, naturally, Zombies vs. Vampires.

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