Zayn Malik Zayn Malik

Summer's days may be numbered but the summer of Twitter drama doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The spotlight is on Taylor Swift again, even though the singer hasn't posted a single tweet in this Twitter war. The latest argument involves Zayn Malikand DJ-producer Calvin Harris, who happens to be dating Swift.

The action started when Malik retweeted a post from the account @FemaleTexts, that compares Swift to Miley Cyruswith a screenshot of an interview in which Swift says that fans disappointed by her pulling her music from Spotify can still buy it on iTunes alongside a quote from Cyrus saying that she has already "made [her] money" and that she doesn't care if "no one buys [her] album." It also had the sarcastic note, "the difference is astounding."

The tweet has since been deleted.

Harris replied to the former One Direction member's implication that Swift is just in it for the money, defending her business decision with a series of strongly worded (and mildly aggressive) tweets.

Miley Cyrus slams Taylor Swift in a new interview

And of course, Malik had to reply...

But good for Harris, who put an end to the feud before things could get any uglier.

What do you think? Did either of them put up a good argument?

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