Lauralee Bell Lauralee Bell

Get ready to relive a nightmare! Longtime fan fave Lauralee Bell is heading back to CBS's The Young and the Restless for a series of episodes starting November 9 that'll be packed with juicy flashbacks — circa 2001-03 — featuring Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria.

Just before Longoria hit Wisteria Lane, she played Genoa City nutjob Isabella Braña, a former prostie who clashed with Bell's character, Christine, and made her life a living hell. Isabella not only got pregnant by Christine's husband, Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), but later faked her death and tried to frame Christine for the murder. In a most memorable shocker, the "dead" Isabella showed up one night and tried to drown Chris in the bathtub.

Why the sudden interest in this fabulous fruitcake? In a miracle unique to soaps, little Ricky Williams — Isabella's son by Paul — has been aged by the writers into a strapping young man (now played by Peter Porte) who recently showed up in GC working as a legal intern on a major court case. But what's he really up to? To get this mystery moving, Y&R needs to remind viewers of the emotional havoc caused by Ricky's mama. And who can do that better than Bell? Welcome back, babe!

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