There's a new web series that's trying to make you even more afraid of dating apps than you already are. XYXX imagines a world where Tinder and Bumble are things of the past and the new wave is a dating app that uses your DNA to match you with your potential soulmate. Yeah, this sounds like it'll go down well.

The Black Mirror-esque first episode follows Elle (Meredith Shank) and Harry (Jim Cummings), who is awkward on the surface but his attraction to her might be more than what it seems. Each episode will move around to different couples who get more than they bargained for with the futuristic app. Episode 3 follows a high school senior who is told by the app that he's "outside of the majority," which forces him to confront that fact that he's gay. The remainder of the episode will tackle the nurture vs nature debate within the LGBTQ community.

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However, before you can watch the show it needs to find a home. The producing team for XYXX, which includes Chicago Med script coordinator Conor Patrick Hogan, are still crowdfunding to complete the series and find a distribution platform. The campaign ends in 5 days. The XYXX official social media accounts will be "hacked" starting Thursday with a message from Future Elle warning viewers not to upload their DNA, sparking intrigue for exactly what XYXX is doing with all of our information. Do we have another Westworld on our hands?

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