Mitch Pileggi seems to be biting the hand that fed him for the better part of a decade. The former X-Files G-man confesses that he was more than ready to retire Skinner when the Fox drama ended its run in 2002.

"I played him for nine years — I'm ready to move on and play another character," says the 51-year-old actor and upcoming star of the WB's Tarzan redo. "Honestly, after The X-Files was over, I had to go back to acting class to see if I could still act.

"He never went anywhere," Pileggi adds of his stodgy FBI boss. "Yeah, he's a friend to [Mulder and Scully] and blah, blah, blah... I don't mean to be negative, but it's time to [move on]."

Oddly enough, Pileggi chose another heavy as his follow-up to Skinner — although he insists the evil CEO he plays on Tarzan (debuting Oct. 5 at 9 pm/ET) will not be nearly as limiting as his X-Files alter ego. "I think there is so much more potential in this character, I really do," he maintains. "And the plans [the producers have] for the character and where they are going to take him are really exciting."