Question: Wow, you're so amazing at digging up trivia that I thought you may be able to get your hands on this little nugget. During the mid-'90s, perhaps '95-ish, there was a special on NBC starring Joey Lawrence, in which he sang some incredible song on stage at the end of the movie. I want to say that the title had something about a prince, maybe "Prince for a Day" or something like that. Any help with the song title? Thanks.

Answer: A pat on the back for you for a job well done in answering your own question, Jake. You're probably talking about the 1995 TV-movie Prince for a Day, an adaptation of Mark Twain's classic The Prince and the Pauper.

Appearing alongside such notables as Richard Belzer and Lainie Kazan, young Mr. Lawrence played both prince (pop star Ricky Prince) and the lookalike pauper (pizza delivery guy Ralph Bitondo). He also sang the title song.