Wow, Anna's a little less predictable than I thought. I did guess that of the made-over Joes, she'd pick Nathan to come along to Tahiti. His letter last week was a smooth move, and not too schmaltzy except for that bit about her eyes. It took only two days for the team to give Nathan new teeth, a new wardrobe, a shave and a haircut, all of which boosted his confidence enough to make him worthy of some camera time. Honestly, I had to go online to watch his interview clip just to find out anything about his personality. It was pretty hard for me to pay any attention to the dates this week, 'cause I was so distracted by the amazing scenery of Tahiti. Judging by those awkward silences, Rocky must have felt the same way. When he did speak, even Anna noted that his words were straight out of a soap opera. She didn't care too much man candy! Josh Nachlas, sorry, sweetie, but I could see exactly how you lost the girl. Forget about abstinence until marriage; most girls don't want to be worshipped until they're comfortably settled in a long-term relationship. Same goes for Arthur with his flowers, pearl and that love-at-first-sight speech then again, I thought she might go for it, just for the idea of being taken care of by a real gentleman. Don't know what to say about poor Josh Abston. She probably saw that there just wasn't much there past the puppy-dog eyes and aw-shucks grin. I was a bit moved to see him crying at the end. I expected that kind of outburst from Arthur, who chose to interpret the whole experience as part of his post-divorce healing process. As the last Joe standing, Nathan has a lot going for him: He's intelligent, has a long-term plan to be a writer and he's romantic without being overpowering. He won me over with his ode to the rock where they had their first kiss. But realistically, I doubt her final two are guys she's ever going to see again after the flight home from paradise. Except maybe for the occasional booty call to Rocky.