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14 of the Worst TV Dads of All Time

Your dad looks pretty good now, huh?

Kaitlin Thomas

If you're anything like us, this year's Father's Day celebration will probably consist of grilling out, drinking a few brewskis and having a catch in the backyard with dear old pops. But not all fathers are created equal; some folks get stuck with duds for dads, and what better way to remind you how grateful you are for your old man than by running down the worst TV dads?

Grab a drank and then check out the the list below... and then hug your dad.

1. Aaron Echolls, Veronica Mars

Harry Hamlin as Aaron Echolls, Veronica Mars Scott Garfield/Warner Bros./Getty Images

Not only did Aaron beat his son and have an affair with his son's girlfriend, but he murdered her in a fit of rage. And then when his son's new girlfriend found out and was going to turn him in, he tried to kill her, too. He may have been a movie star, but he's not winning any Father of the Year awards.

2. Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow Cate Cameron/The CW

Malcolm failed both of his children. His son Tommy died in Malcolm's attempt to destroy the Glades as vengeance for the murder of his wife, while he forced his daughter Thea, the product of an affair with Moira Queen, to murder her friend Sara Lance in order to spark trouble.

3. Jimmy Cooper, The O.C.

Tate Donovan as Jimmy Cooper, The O.C. Warner Bros./Getty Images

Jimmy meant well -- and it couldn't have easy being married to Julie, who probably thought money really did grow on trees -- but bad investments, stealing from clients and having to skip town didn't exactly paint him in the best light.

4. Rabbit, Banshee

Ben Cross as Rabbit, Banshee Cinemax

Rabbit raised his daughter within his criminal organization, and when she tried to escape with the love of her life, Rabbit set him up to be arrested and imprisoned. Fifteen years and two TV seasons later, Rabbit tried to kill them both, because god forbid his daughter have a life of her own.

5. Don Draper, Mad Men

Jon Hamm as Don Draper, Mad Men Michael Yarish/AMC

Don wasn't always the worst -- there were moments toward the end with Sally that were really great -- but he was an absentee father who didn't even know how to interact with his children, and who placed his own wants and desires above their own.

6. Walter White, Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston as Walter White, Breaking Bad Ursula Coyote/AMC

For a long time, Walter claimed he did everything for his family, and although it probably started out that way, he came to like being a bad man because it felt good. Unfortunately, it put his entire family in danger, and in the end, he lost it all.

7. Conrad Grayson, Revenge

Henry Czerny as Conrad Grayson, Revenge Vivian Zink/ABC via Getty Images

No matter how you paint it, Conrad was an evil man. Responsible for a tragic plane crash that killed hundreds of people, he framed his wife's lover and taught his children to cherish money and power above all else.

8. Tony Soprano, The Sopranos

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, The Soporanos

Tony was good at being bad, and it's one of the reasons we love him. Heck, he's the reason several of the other men on this list even exist. But his life of crime made life incredibly difficult for his two children, Meadow and A.J.

9. Dan Scott, One Tree Hill

Paul Johansson as Dan Scott, One Tree Hill Fred Norris/Warner Bros./Getty Images

Even if we ignore the fact Dan murdered his own brother, he's still one of the worst human beings on this list. Having impregnated two women within a short amount of time, he abandoned the first son to raise the second, who eventually hated Dan enough to become an emancipated minor.

10. Christopher Hayden, Gilmore Girls

David Sutcliffe as Christopher Hayden, Gilmore Girls Netflix

Christopher popped in and out of Rory's life infrequently over the years, but it was still frequently enough to give her hope that he'd changed, only for him to prove over and over again that he hadn't. And when he was around, it was usually just to remind everyone how much he sucked.

11. Arlo Givens, Justified

Raymond J. Barry as Arlo Givens and Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, Justified Prashant Gupta / FX

Raylan never much liked his wannabe criminal father, and Arlo never liked the son who became a lawman. But the real kicker came when Arlo shot a man in a hat to save Boyd Crowder -- and had just assumed that man had been Raylan. Ouch.

12. Stannis Baratheon, Game of Thrones

Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon, Game of Thrones Helen Sloan / HBO

It'd be easier to highlight the few good fathers of Westeros than try to single out the worst, but we're going to hand it to Stannis, who burned his daughter alive for religious convictions and for a chance at becoming king. We can still hear her screams.

13. Frank Gallagher, Shameless

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher, Shameless Chuck Hodes/SHOWTIME

There are horrible fathers, and then there's Frank. An alcoholic, he frequently abandoned his six children to get high, blew through whatever money they had and routinely disappeared for days or weeks on end. The Gallaghers had to raise themselves, but whenever Frank needed more money or managed to find his way home, he usually just made things worse.

14. John Winchester, Supernatural

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester, Supernatural Netflix

John isn't the worst father on this list, but when his wife was killed by the yellow-eyed demon, he packed his two sons into a car and spent his entire life fighting monsters and hoping to avenge her death. Sam and Dean were raised in crappy motel rooms on crappy food, and it's no wonder that they are unable to live normal, happy, healthy lives as adults.