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[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winners of Survivor: South Pacific.]

As Survivor's 23rd season came down to its final four, it was Coach and Ozzy, two Survivor veterans — and two of the games fiercest competitors — as well as Albert and Sophie.

The general consensus among the jury? Coach made false promises and used religion to manipulate his tribe members, and Albert failed to prove his ability to make bold decisions and risky moves.

Meantime, Sophie Clarke won three immunity challenges, including the crucial final individual immunity, which secured her spot in the final three (against Coach and Albert) and led to Ozzy's eviction.

She may have graduated college just four days before heading to the South Pacific, but Clarke never let her youth and inexperience work against her. And she won!

Survivor's Jeff Probst: How I would win the game

"It was a very quiet game you played. What was the key?" host Jeff Probst

asked her during the live finale Sunday."I think that right away I started sussing people out," she answered. "I had my finger on the pulse of the game the whole time and I tried just to figure out other people's motivations and kind of work within the framework of the game. They created this religious framework, this idea of being loyal, being trustworthy. I just worked within that ... and got to the end."Clarke may very well be $1 million richer, but she says the game itself is what's affected her the most. "You don't want to tell someone 'this reality TV show changed my life' because it sounds so stupid. But it's not ... It's life-changing."