Question: I won an AA ice-cream scooper! Has a better sweepstakes prize ever existed? I don't think so!

Answer: I can't wait to see how much they fetch on eBay!

And that brings to a close another edition of AA. Head over to the AA discussion thread to chat about this week's column. And while you're there, feel free to post a farewell message to Intern Scott, the cheapest best assistant a Scoop Nazi could ask for. When it comes to watching TV and obsessing over me and my work, the kid's a genius and you know I don't use that word lightly. Hell be missed. Unless, upon his graduation from Northwestern in May 08, he goes off to start his own TV gossip column on a rival website, in which case hell be destroyed. I made him and, if push comes to shove, I will break him. Best of luck, Scott!