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Life gets trickier for the Russos as the new season of Wizards of Waverly Place picks up right where things left off in October's Season 3 finale, after the magical bunch escaped from a government agency holding them captive. Selena Gomez, who plays middle child Alex, fills us in on what to expect with the show, including the chances of a fifth season.

TV Guide Magazine: The third-season finale really shook things up. What's next?
Gomez: Alex ends up exposing to the world that she's a wizard, which leads to her losing her powers.

TV Guide Magazine: That's a shocker!
Gomez: I was really nervous, but I didn't want the show to become repetitive. Our writers completely pulled it off and came up with this story line that lets the characters branch out.

TV Guide Magazine: One thing doesn't change: Alex and werewolf Mason (Gregg Sulkin) are still an item, right?
Gomez: The audience loves their relationship — and I do, too! They are the typical teenage couple, but with complications that other kids don't have to deal with, which makes it funny.

TV Guide Magazine: Any chance your BFF Taylor Swift will guest star?
Gomez: No, just because I never want our friendship to be exploited. She's like my family, and I wouldn't want anything to mess that up.

TV Guide Magazine: Word is that Season 4 is going to be the last...
Gomez: I'm not really sure. [Wizards] has been such an important part of my life — I'm going to be the worst at saying goodbye.

Wizards of Waverly Place airs Friday at 9:45/8:45c on Disney Channel. Gomez conjures up scoop on Season 4 in exclusive videos at

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