Remember the good old days, where anyone and everyone with a household name wanted to guest star on Will & Grace? Ten years later, not much has changed. The revival just nabbed itself two major guest stars in Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells.

There's no news on the characters they'll be playing other than both Lynch and Rannells will appear in the same episode. If we're lucky, they'll post some teaser photos to social media when the episode begins production this week.

Lynch was no doubt approached early by NBC to make an appearance, given her hosting gig on the network's popular game show Hollywood Game Night. Andrew Rannells, who also has an NBC connection from his role in The New Normal, might have to adjust his comedy filter, being used to the raunchy humor of Girls. You're not even allowed to describe some of the stuff that went down on Girls in a network comedy.

Will & Grace premieres Thursday, Sept. 28 at 9/8c on NBC.

Sean Hayes and Jane Lynch, <em>Hollywood Game Night</em>Sean Hayes and Jane Lynch, Hollywood Game Night