NBC is bringing back Will & Grace this fall. Did you know that? The network wants to make sure that you know that.

Did you miss the first announcement? Or the teaser poster? If you did now there's another teaser before you officially get to see Will, Grace, Jack and Karen back in action. It's happening guys, they promise.

The revival is back in production — that's all we know from the few seconds we see in the new clip NBC has released. The cast takes their marks on the soundstage for the first take of episode "105." We can see the whole gang is there so this is definitely not a hoax.

But hold on, there's some crucial information this clip. Take a real good look at the slate before the director calls "Action!" The third line reads, "Will & Grace Musical." Say what now?! Is it a musical episode or a musical number? Will Karen wear sequins? Will Jack wear sequins? Will everyone wear sequins? We can't wait!

Unfortunately,you will have to let this sinfully teasing clip last you through the weekend because you're not getting a full trailer for the revival until Monday. That's only two more days until you have real footage that this revival is really happening and that your faves are back to barbing each other, stomach bumping and drinking martinis (we have missed you Karen).

Check it out here.