How's Matt LeBlanc doin'? We're betting pretty good after the enthusiastic reception his Friends spinoff, Joey, received at NBC's fall-schedule presentation to advertisers (and me!) Monday in New York. Confident that they have a hit on their hands, Peacock execs screened the sitcom's entire pilot episode for the packed crowd. The consensus? It was warm, clever and, most importantly, funny. The network was stingier when it came to previewing its other new offerings, showing only clips of the 'toon series Father of the Pride (could be fun), crime dramas Medical Investigation and Hawaii (yawn...), and Heather Locklear's airport-set saga LAX (my advice to NBC: abort takeoff). The highlight of the nearly three-hour dog-and-pony show — which included appearances by Donald Trump, Conan O'Brien and Tom Brokaw — came when NBC chief Jeff Zucker announced that Scrubs had been renewed for two more seasons (yippee!). For more on this week's Upfront presentations, check out our new column, The Biz, penned by my colleague Stephen Battaglio.