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Poll: Who Will Win The Bachelor?

Make your pick now!

Liam Mathews

Monday night was the season premiere of The Bachelor, which means that now is the time to discuss what we saw and make predictions on who's going to the winner's circle this year.

During the episode, we were re-introduced to Arie and introduced to his girls, whose characters are already taking shape. There's Tia, who's literally the same sassy Southern belle type her friend Raven played last season; there's Chelsea, who's not here to make friends; there's Kendall, who's quirky because she plays the ukulele and collects taxidermy; and there's Bekah, who has short hair and is generally likable. There are others, too, but they didn't get as much screentime.

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Which of the remaining 20 girls do you think will get Arie's checkered flag? Based on what we saw last night, she'll probably be blonde, and she probably won't be named Lauren. Make your pick below, and check back Friday for the results!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.