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Who is Joshua Sasse? 11 Things to Know About the No Tomorrow Star and Your New Fall Crush

No. 1. He's engaged to Kylie Minogue!

Sadie Gennis

The CW's new rom-com No Tomorrow follows a young woman Evie (Tori Anderson) as she throws caution to the wind and embarks on an unusual relationship with Xander (Joshua Sasse), an eccentric man who believes the end of the world is imminent.

If you've seen Sasse, you can understand why Evie is so willing to overlook Xander's questionable beliefs and join him in checking items off their respective "apoca-lists." The actor is incredibly charismatic, ridiculously good looking, and if given the opportunity, we too would forgive him being a doomsday truther if it meant we could stare into those eyes every day.

Joshua Sasse
Nino Munoz/The CW

But before you begin doodling "Mrs. Sasse" in your notebook, here's everything you need to know about your new fall crush, who -- as it turns out -- is nearly as quirky as the character he plays on TV.

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1. He's engaged to Kylie Minogue. Let's just get this one out of the way before you get your hopes up too high. Sasse met Minogue, who is 20 years his senior, when she made a guest appearance on the ABC musical comedy Galavant. The pair immediately hit it off and announced their engagement in February with a formal advert in the Daily Telegraph (which, coincidentally, used to be owned by Sasse's family).

2. He's relatively new to acting. Although Sasse discovered his love of performing as a child, he didn't get his first major role until 2010, when he landed a part in the gangster movie The Big I Am and played Sky in the West End production of Mamma Mia! In the years since, Sasse appeared as Alec Laszlo in the crime drama Rogue and DJ Jazzy Jeff in the aliens-in-the-suburbs comedy The Neighbors.



3. His Instagram is pretty weird. Rather than fill his Instagram feed with selfies or paparazzi shots, Sasse's account is quite different from your typical celeb's. It mainly consists of poetry, photos of artists, photos of art and -- only occasionally -- photos of himself.

4. He thinks love is like FernGully.When describing his relationship with Minogue, Sasse drew upon an unexpected reference point. "Did you ever see a film called FernGully? At the end of the movie whenever a fairy touches something the flowers sprout everywhere? Well, that's what she does," Sasse said.

5. He's an LGBTQ activist. Although Sasse and Minogue became engaged in December 2015, the couple later decided they wouldn't marry until same-sex marriage becomes legal in Australia (Sasse is British and Minogue is Australian). Since then, Sasse founded the "Say I Do Down Under" marriage equality campaign, which has enlisted the support of Ellen DeGeneres, Margot Robbie, Ellie Goulding, Ian McKellen and other high-profile stars to spread the word.

6. He writes poetry. Following in the footsteps of his poet father Dominic Sasse, who passed away when the actor was five, Sasse writes poetry of his own. Very often, Sasse will use his Twitter account to share original poems, often accompanied by the hashtags "poetry" or "poem," so as not to confuse followers as to what they are reading.

7. He isn't afraid to talk about his sex life. Although many celebrities avoid talking about sex at all costs, Sasse is very comfortable with discussing the topic. He once called his relationship with Minogue "excitement and joy and sex," and revealed that if the apocalypse really were approaching, he "would have a naked day in nature having lots of sex."

8. He's "woke." Like fellow woke bae Matt McGorry, Sasse wears his feminism on his sleeve - literally. But his commitment to feminism extends beyond his fashion choices. He's previously spoken out in interviews about the double standards active women are subjected to. "And look, I think it's unfair that women get a hard time across the board, and it's weird, if a woman sleeps with lots of guys then she is called a slut, and if a guy sleeps with all these girls, he is called a player," he said.

9. He can seriously sing. For his starring role on Galavant, Sasse showed off his impressive voice as the dashing knight Galavant who was determined to reclaim his "happily ever after." Sadly, Galavant failed to get its own happy ending and was canceled after two seasons.

10. He's a father. Sasse shares a three-year-old son Sebastian with his former partner, Italian actress Francesca Cini. And since Sasse seemingly would prefer to keep his son out of the spotlight, here we've chosen to share photos of him with a puppy instead.

11. He had a silly mustache for a while. We clearly saved the most crucial information for last. Because although Sasse sports a beard in No Tomorrow, it's important to note that he used to have a ridiculous mustache - which, for the record, he somehow completely pulled off.