If you read the above headline and thought you were going to get some dish on Whitney Houston, ha! You've been punk'd! But don't blame us, blame Whitney Cummings, the fast-talking 21-year-old Ashton Kutcher recruited to bring stars down to Earth on his hit MTV prankfest (airing Sundays at 10 pm/ET). After talking with the mischievous actress about the practical jokes she's played on everyone from Julia Stiles to The Rock, we couldn't resist trying out a scam or two of our own. Besides, if you think you feel cheated, just wait until she finds out that she was being interrogated by TV Guide Online and not doing a pre-interview for Inside the Actors Studio.

TV Guide Online: Which celebrity has reacted best to being punk'd?
Whitney Cummings:
Probably Chris Klein, as far as the most satisfying reaction. He bought it hook, line and sinker.

TVGO: No, I mean who was the best sport?
Oh. In that case, the guy from Linkin ParkMike Shinoda.

TVGO: Is that because, as a rock god, he was too high to notice that he'd been punk'd?
My question is, what happened to rockers? They used to be strung out with 40 babes in their trailer, drinking, smoking... These days, they do yoga and have a teacup poodle! I started yelling at [Shinoda] because he'd basically caused my house to catch on fire, and he responded like... like a superhero! He was like, "I'm just glad you're okay."

TVGO: Boring!
I know! We tried everything. Unfortunately, he doesn't have that Tommy Lee [gene].

TVGO: So who reacted the worst?
Cummings: Vivica Fox
(of Kill Bill fame). We jeopardized one of her best friends, who was basically giving birth, and she was, like, fuming! And justifiably so. Myself and another guy came in as paramedics, and we were totally incompetent. Vivica was just roaring! At the time, I think she was still dating 50 Cent, and we were like [nervously], "Is she going to call him?" She wasn't being irrational, but she was very scary. She would have hurt somebody.

TVGO: Ashton must have a good health plan in place for you then. How is he as a boss?
I have to be honest...

TVGO: No, you don't. Be funny.
Be funny... okay. [Pause] Oh, I just don't have a bad word to say about him! He's so humble. Not affected at all. And he's always making jokes in my earpiece!

TVGO: Yawn. What about Demi? Does she really lurk on the sidelines the way all the tabloids say she does?
She doesn't need to lurk. She is unbelievably hot. Striptease was on the other day when I was at the gym, and I swear, I cranked up my treadmill to, like, 40 miles an hour, I was so inspired by her body! She is smokin'! And [she and Ashton] seem very, very, very, very smitten with each other.

TVGO: Speaking of being very, very, very, very smitten, did Adam Brody really hit on you after you flirted with him at your "engagement party"?
[Laughs] I'm not even going to flatter myself here: No! He wanted nothing to do with me. He originally thought I was a friend of Ben McKenzie's, because Ben was in on the prank, so even though I was being relentlessly sleazy to him, he kept trying to be hospitable to me. People are making some noise about the fact that he kept the number I put in his pocket, but what else would somebody do? He never called, that's for sure! Maybe next time.

TVGO: Your movie, EMR, just screened at Cannes. But are you afraid that after ticking off so many A-listers, you'll be blacklisted in Hollywood?
Well, I have been wondering when my tires are going to be slashed. But at this point, it's kind of become a status symbol [to get punk'd]. A lot of people, when they find out, they say, "It's about time!" They get sort of irate! Plus, the hardest part about getting jobs in Hollywood is not having a name. People don't even look through head shots, they just say, "We want that girl from... whatever." Now I'm that Punk'd girl! This is the only show where you have to be anonymous to [get cast], so being [a nobody] worked to my advantage for once.

TVGO: I'm sure that was part of your master plan all along.
It was! I was chasing Spielberg away with a stick, all so I could do Punk'd first!