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Just weeks after unveiling the brand-spanking-new main titles on White Collar, USA Network will allow fans to determine whether it will stay or go, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

Beginning Friday, July 8, fans will be able to vote on whether to keep the new titles or revert back to the original sequence through www.characterchatter.com. Polling will close on Wednesday, July 13 at noon EST, and the winning choice will be unveiled during the July 19 episode and continue for the remainder of Season 3.

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The new main title sequence, which premiered last month during Season 3's second episode, takes place in a museum-like setting and shows the show's main cast in picture frames. The facelift has quickly become a hot topic among fans on Twitter, who say they simply miss the original opening and that the new titles are "too cheesy." Some fans went so far as to launch a Facebook page to resurrect the first sequence, which features several fast-moving images from the first season.

"Where would Neal Caffrey be without a second chance? Our new main title sequence has been hotly debated with opinions covering a broad spectrum," series creator and executive producer Jeff Eastin said in a statement. "We respect the opinions of our fans and we couldn't think of a better way to reward their dedication than empowering them with this decision."

Eastin had been asking for fan feedback about the new main titles through his personal Twitter account.

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"Our Characters Welcome brand philosophy is predicated on the inclusion of everyone — especially our audience," USA's senior vice president of brand marketing and digital, Alexandra Shapiro, said. "So when debate ensued among our core White Collar fans we decided crowdsourcing was an optimal way to involve our fans in determining the main title sequence's fate."

Do you think White Collar's new main titles are worth saving? Or do you want the show to bring back the original opening?