Take your best guess where fictional super spy Carmen Sandiego - star of the '90s children's educational geography games — is hanging out. We can tell you it's not in a Rand Paul political ad. The Republican presidential hopeful is being threatened with a lawsuit by Sean Altman, the songwriter of Carmen Sandiego's theme song, for using the music without permission in a campaign ad.

Variety reports that Altman sent a cease and desist letter to the Rand campaign at the end of December telling them to take the ad down from the campaign's YouTube account and social media sites. Paul's camp complied but Altman is threatening further legal action since the ad is still accessible.

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Altman isn't kidding around because his lawyer, Larry Iser, won a settlement for Jackson Browne after John McCain used "Running on Empty" in a campaign ad. Iser also represented David Byrne in a lawsuit against former Florida governor Charlie Crist also for unauthorized use of music.

However, Rand's campaign say they have already adhered to Altman's original request. "The Campaign responded, out of courtesy, to Mr. Altman's request several weeks ago by removing the video from its YouTube account, and the video does not appear on any of the Campaign's social media pages," said Doug Stafford, the campaign's chief strategist. "At this point, it appears that the only reason this lives on is so that Mr. Altman can pursue a political agenda or so his trial lawyers can frivolously chase a windfall."

Maybe Rand should check his Twitter followers for musicians that actually support his campaign? But more importantly, who pegged Carmen as a liberal?