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Lauren Graham replaced Maura Tierney on NBC's new Parenthood because of the ER alum's battle with cancer. Now the network is offering a first look at the 42-year-old Graham's take on the role of Sarah Braverman, one of the key players on the new series.

Maura Tierney leaves Parenthood to accommodate cancer treatment

The scene is one that Tieney also performed before her departure from the series — which gives audiences a rare chance to compare two top-notch actresses playing the same part, and wonder what might have been if Tierney had been able to stay with the series.

Tierney's rep said Monday there was no update on the actress' brave battle with the disease.

Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham takes starring role in Parenthood

Here's the new promo, featuring Graham:

And go to the 1:10 mark to see the same scene with Tierney:

Are you impressed with each take on the scene?