This week's clinic was all about singing technique, so INXS brought in voice-coach

Ron Anderson to critique the remaining rockers' pipes. First up for an evaluation was Jessica, whom Ron instructed to "hum and swallow at the same time." Um, that's a heck of an icebreaker, isn't it? And if this show were set in Bangkok, those words would take on an entirely different meaning. But, fortunately for the network censors, the gang is still in L.A. You'd never know it, though, judging by the emotional reception Marty gave his visiting sister. Yes, it's true the group is cut off from the outside world while they're holed up in the mansion, but sheesh, weren't they being a bit dramatic? This isn't "Survivor: INXS" the contestants aren't on an island. Nor have they been MIA for a year. But I guess I shouldn't judge. Lord knows I've made more than my share of calls to Mom on the TV Guide hot line, and she's only two hours away.

If the song choices for tonight's competition are any indication, it's going to be a winning set of performances. "Get Back"? "Blister in the Sun"? "The Man Who Sold the World"? What classic rockers! But it's the inclusion of "The Letter" that really convinced me that Rock Star is the anti-Idol. That timeless Box Tops tune is one of the songs that first turned me on to rock and roll. And for that I thank you, Alex Chilton. Here's hoping J.D. does your song justice, 'cause if he screws up that surefire crowd-pleaser (not to mention another performance), he might as well go into hiding in some out-of-the-way country. Chad, perhaps? I hear it's nice there this time of year.