Another week, another off-putting comment from Coral. The big-mouthed gal put her foot in her mouth when she assessed her team's chances at winning inner-tube water polo: "We have three African Americans on our team. There is no way we're taking this home. It's over for us. Look around you; all you see is dark skin." Her defeatist attitude was proved right, but ironically, Team Chip was the big winner, thanks to their captain's excellent defense. He was a bit more PC in his judgment of the challenge: "They don't have that [game] in the 'hood. But all you've got to do is put a big body in the middle." But for every mild-mannered player like Chip, you've got a loudmouth like Nikki McKibbin who was reeling from being ousted from Chip's team earlier (good riddance!) bragging that her newly formed underdog team had the mechanical bull-riding competition in the bag since in her home state of Texas the bulls are in every bar. It was a delight to see her fall off faster than anyone. And her poor attitude shined on when she insisted that these California bulls weren't the same as the metal ones in Texas. I think that excuse is just a bunch of bull. And speaking of people piling it on thick, Mike the Miz took his win on the animatronic animal as an opportunity to boast about his skills in the bedroom. Um, yeah, whatever. The only good thing about this week is knowing that next week Coral won't be around to make another offensive comment. After spraining her thumb on the bull-riding challenge, she missed out on the multilegged race and her remaining team members hobbled together into last place. I have no clue why a sprained thumb would keep you out of a running challenge , but things will be quieter without her around for sure.