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Warner Bros. Television will pay the Two and a Half Men crew for the remaining four episodes that would have been produced for Season 8, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The series was scheduled to return to production this week, following Charlie Sheen's completion of "at-home rehab." But on Thursday, CBS and Warner Bros. announced that they were shutting down production on the sitcom for the remainder of the season due to Sheen's recent "statements, conduct and condition."

Earlier this month, Sheen reportedly offered to pay for a third of the crew's salaries while the show was out of production, but THR says that offer is no longer on the table.

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The news arrives hours after Sheen's longtime publicist, Stan Rosenfield, announced he was resigning. (Spencer Pratt then told TMZ he'd be happy to step in for free.)

Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to's request for comment.