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Exclusive Wayward Pines First Look: So, How Does the Town Work?

Get ready for even more crazy answers!

Adam Bryant

If Wayward Pines melted your mind when it revealed "The Truth," get ready for even more shocking revelations on Thursday's episode (9/8c, Fox).

"Huge secrets are coming out in this episode," director Jeff T. Thomas says in the exclusive behind-the-scenes video below. "We're learning a lot more about Pilcher and Pam in this episode. We see the humanity behind the individuals."
Indeed, Pilcher (Toby Jones) and Pam (Melissa Leo) were revealed to be at the top of the Wayward Pines food chain in the previous episode, when they rescued Ethan (Matt Dillon) from a would-be attack by the abbies, the genetically evolved humans now roaming Earth in the year 4028. But just how did they create the little enclave of Wayward Pines all those years in the future? That answer lies in a state-of-the-art facility that Pilcher takes Ethan into on Thursday's episode.

How "The Truth" changes everything on Wayward Pines

"The super structure was created by Pilcher back in the 2000s," Thomas says in the clip. "He created it knowing that humans were going to mutate over the next few hundred years. So, he built the super structure as a support base to Wayward Pines."
For more answers, click play below and check out Wayward Pines on Thursday at 9/8c on Fox.