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When he's not hosting Let's Make a Deal during the day, the ever-versatile Wayne Brady is getting used to being a primetime guest star. After his recent return engagement to CBS' How I Met Your Mother, Brady tells TV Guide Magazine he's been told to expect to be called back again this season, and he really wants to follow in his TV brother Neil Patrick Harris' footsteps as a guest star on Fox's Glee.

"I've been told that they want me back, and that's all I know," Brady revealed of another stint on HIMYM while attending the "Broadway Tonight" event benefitting the cancer charity WeSpark. "To have the creators say, 'Hey, Wayne, we want you back' makes me happy. It's like old home week now. And personally, I get to do something [different from] what I do every day, so people get to see me as that character, then they get to see me as Wayne the singer, Wayne the host, then Wayne the improviser, so I love it! Plus, who gets to be the black gay brother of Neil Patrick Harris?"

Brady, who's working on a new album, performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, and planning an Australian tour, says he'd find plenty of time to fit Glee in to his schedule if he gets the much-hoped-for call from creator Ryan Murphy.

"I've got to say, I need to be on Glee, yes!" said Brady. "If I could invent a role for myself, I would like to be — even though I think Neil already kind of touched on this — I want to be an archrival of the main teacher, Mr. Shue, and really do a dance-and sing off. Really bring it to him, like Step Up 3!"

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