Ben Koldyke, Amaury Nolasco Ben Koldyke, Amaury Nolasco

If you don't have something nice to say, watch Work It. This mess will give you every reason to say something mean. Hell, even our own Matt Roush has declared it "an instant early candidate for Worst Show of 2012" and he's one of the nicest guys in the business!

Clearly inspired by Early Man's dumber cousin, this Bosom Buddies abomination about an unemployed sales-tool named Lee and his stereotypically Latino pal who don drag to land a job with a female-heavy pharmaceuticals company has been accused of being offensive to the transgender community. But why stop there? Between the prostate exams-as-rape jokes, the requisite misogynistic fat friend who talks about being used as a sex slave "when the women take over," and the cross-dressing montage set to the Black Eyed Peas (yes, it's that bad), this thing is offensive to everyone with a pulse, no matter how they dress. Really, it's a hate crime against comedy.

Worse yet, Work It wastes the luminous glory that is Lost's Rebecca Mader. Here saddled with the role of the savvy office bitch who's obviously not savvy enough to notice her giant new colleagues' wigs, Adam's apples and man hands, Mader's squandered skills glare against the sub-sophomoric writing, the dollar-store production values and an unrepentant lack of humor — despite the hardest working laugh track in history. Here's hoping the show will meet a speedy but deserved demise so Mader will be free to Work her wiles somewhere more worthwhile.

Did you watch Work It? Are you OK? Do you need us to call someone for you?

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