White Collar White Collar

While it always sucks when White Collar vanishes from our screens, those unwelcome absences also make its returns 10 times more of a reason to celebrate. So we here at the Watercooler have rounded up that many moments from last night's mid-season premiere to express how happy we are to have the delightful caper back again. Of course, we're not the only ones who dig the show so please feel free to add your own reasons in the comments field below. And remember, there can never be enough praise for the Burke-Caffrey bromance.

  1. Peter flipping out on Neal for his role in Elizabeth's kidnapping. It's always good to have a reminder of just how wide Tim DeKay's dramatic range is. Also, he's pretty hot when he's angry.
  2. Neal revealing that he wanted to stay in New York for the Burkes...and Sara.
  3. Hilarie Burton's name in the opening credits. Even though she wasn't in the episode, we like knowing she's around here somewhere.
  4. Satchmo biting Elizabeth's kidnapper. Who's a good doggie?
  5. Elizabeth realizing that her diamond ring could crack the glass window in her safe house. She totally needs to be involved in more cases.
  6. Diana and Jones to the rescue!
  7. Mozzie admitting that he cares about Mr. and Mrs. Suit. An unshared life really isn't living.
  8. Peter kicking Keller's ass...
  9. ...In military fatigues.
  10. The end of the Nazi treasure chapter and maybe even Neal's probation!

Now yours! What did you love about White Collar's return last night?

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