Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

You know how the best part of a Nicolas Cage movie is the previews that run before it? Well, what if TV offered us the same sort of sneak peeks? Without the Cage stuff, of course.

Last night, in the midst of a night of repeats, the ever-innovative Bravo offered up a 12-minute advance look at next week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Nothing too spoilery, just the first couple of segments from the episode, but enough to whet our appetites for the drama to come once the gang hits Kyle's White Party. Will Taylor's husband show up with a lawsuit in hand for Camille? Will Kim bring her odd boyfriend? What will Giggy wear?! Honestly, it was a huge tease...and we loved it.

So that got us wondering if other TV shows should follow suit. Yeah, we get those deceptively edited "next on" promos at the end of most dramas, but think about how cool it would be if ABC actually carved out 15 minutes from a two-hour Dancing With the Stars to air the opening scene from that week's Revenge. Or if Fox trimmed one of its thrice-weekly Idol audition episodes for a taste of an upcoming Fringe

That would be kind of cool, right? What shows would you like to see get extended previews?

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