Maulik Pancholy Maulik Pancholy

Oh Whitney, you're better than this. A few months ago, we couldn't say that, but back then you weren't better than a lot of things.

However, over the course of the coarse comedienne's first season, she has totally grown on us. We love the chemistry between Whitney Cummings and co-star Chris D'Elia, and the writing has definitely started to gel. So it sucks that, just when things were looking up, the show threw down last night's episode, which saw Maulik Pancholy's Neal coming out of the closet. One that is apparently located in left field, because that's exactly where this random and unnecessary twist came from. The show doesn't need a gay character, it needs to return the drunken Roxanne chick to Cliches-R-Us, bring back Jane Kaczmarek as Whit's mom, and focus on turning Cummings' raunchy appeal into the must-see TV we know she can be. (Sorry for that rhyme.)

Now, this is not to say we don't welcome positive portrayals of the LGBTQ community on TV and God knows, Bravo has taught us that gays make everything better. It's just that this all feels too stunt-y and "very special episode" to actually have any real emotional impact. And is there some sort of a two-for-one prize for making the Indian guy sexually fluid, too? While it would be awesome to live in a world where one's coming out, whether in real life or screen, is met with wholesale acceptance, there's a bit of a problem when the reaction is simply indifference.

What did you think of this twist last night?

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