Melanie Lynskey, Hugh Laurie Melanie Lynskey, Hugh Laurie

Loved Pandora's diamond-bedecked wedding. Loved the glamorous reception. Loved the lovey-dovey Team Taylor get-together following Russell's tragic death. But we hate to say it, the true highlight of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale last night was something far more lowbrow.

As the ladies were prepping themselves to get all dolled up and painted for the Vanderpump party, Adrienne's hubby — and one of our favorite reality-TV spouses — underwent an on-air colonoscopy that was both a PSA on the importance of regular testing and a total blast. Literally. All doped up on Valium and still inflated like a parade float from the procedure, Paul the playful plastic surgeon unleashed a barrage of butt belches while rambling on about the mighty wind escaping from his exit hatch. And honestly, after this darker-than-usual season, with its suicide, Kim's addiction issues and Brandi's dog-whistle screaming matches, his display of colonic bomb-dropping was bawdy, common and a flat-out funny breath of fresh air.

Did you watch the Beverly Hills finale last night? Did Paul have you busting a gut, too?

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