Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward

Like a candy apple with a razor blade buried inside it, Raising Hope's Halloween outing was both sweet and sharp. Last night, the Chance clan celebrated the season of the weird by giving us tricks (the guys duping Jimmy into thinking Hope had been left at the firehouse), and treats (the first appearance, albeit masked, of Sabrina's doofy beau, Wyatt), as well as trauma that even an exorcist won't be able to fix (Maw Maw in that transvestite-ninja kitty outfit). On top of it all, they also handed out a few moments of genuine emotion and something fans were clamoring for from the beginning: Jimmy and Sabrina's first kiss.

Granted, she was bombed from too much Halloween partying and thought he was Wyatt, but that doesn't make the smooch any less epic. Nor does it delete the anticipation too early on, since we still have to wait for Sabrina to knowingly plant one on our boy. These two are super adorable and there's not enough to be said for the teen-angsty energy between Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward that gives this deliciously twisted sitcom its soft gooey center. 

Will they wind up together? Come on, give 'em time. After all, it's only Season 1, and if the writers keep scaring up episodes as charming as this one, there's no reason we should lose Hope.

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